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I do actually take commissions sometimes! They're on a case by case basis and I take them as time allows.
Prices depend on several factors. Scale; the size of the piece in relation to how large that object would be in reality. Medium; there are cost differences in a piece made of polymer clay and one made in clear resin, or mixed media. Intensity; how detailed the piece is in relation to its scale - this includes things like paintwork complexity, texture, wings, hair, etc.

Please feel free to E-MAIL me with commission inquiries, I check dA about once a week so do not expect a fast reply if you note me. My E-mail address is
When you write please keep in mind the above factors when you describe the work you would like as they are what I use to price pieces.
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If you want to check out Willow on eBay, now is your chance! She ends tomorrow at 4pm eastern time.

Auction is here!
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Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2012, 8:54 AM

My new daughter, Eleanor Gwendolyn. She is awesome, I will never have time for anything else again!
Born May 17th. 7lbs 13oz

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Leaving for now, and commissions closed.

Journal Entry: Mon May 7, 2012, 7:00 AM

My baby is due in two weeks, as such I've shut down my Etsy store and removed my eBay listings.

Please do not send inquiries regarding commissions as they are closed indefinitely. Current commissions will be completed. If you need to contact me please use my email address: , NOT the dA note system, which I rarely check.

I'll be uploading a last few pieces of art I'm working on here, then I'll probably be back in 18 years lol.

*edit* Baby is now due on May 17th as she's breech and I'm having to have a c-section. Got even less time than I thought!

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Etsy Store Reopened!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 11, 2012, 8:29 AM

Hey everyone! My Etsy store is open again and resin horse skeletons are available there once more!…
I have a lot of new projects I'm working on, some really neat stuff coming up! Updates, WIP pictures, and more can be followed on my Facebook page:…

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Etsy Store Christmas Sale!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 6, 2011, 8:46 AM

Hey y'all. I'll be closing my Etsy store in a week's time, for a month. For the next week you can get 25% off your order using the following coupon code: SOVAEARTCHRISTMAS01

Merry Christmas!

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My Latest Project!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 21, 2011, 9:28 AM

I've not been very productive for the last few months, but there's a reason! I am almost 3.5 months pregnant! I've been really really sick with it and have basically had to just work in the gaps when I'm feeling alright, haha! But hopefully the morning sickness (which should be called all-day sickness) will be gone soon and I'll ramp it up a bit ;)
And thanks for all the nice birthday wishes!

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General Update!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 2, 2011, 7:48 AM

First I'd like to plug my Facebook page. I update it more often than any of my other pages with WIP pictures, links, and project plans

---->My Facebook Page!<----

So let's see, it's been a good two months since I updated. The move was pretty intense, the place we moved to belonged to my husband's mother before, and we had to move all her stuff under a time constraint. Once that was done we had to move all of our stuff here and do the place up. It had been pretty neglected so for the past few months my life has consisted of overseeing contractors (I had the kitchen remodeled) and a whole ass-load of DIY. And then there was my vegetable patch which no house is complete without. Sadly here in suburbia the soil sucks, so I got a scoop of mushroom compost and added in a whole mix of other soils and sand with a roto-tiller that I ended up slipping into and having my foot eaten by.
AND THEN THE STORM CAME. I'm sure you all heard about the horrible tornadoes that tore up the south in April. So many people lost their lives, it was truly tragic. That sort of weather is just utterly unexpected in the south and people aren't prepared for it. It was a terrifying night but we were spared the massive tornado by a front that protected us, making it break up before it hit us. We had several smaller twisters but they didn't do much damage, what did the damage was the hail. Now I've seen hail, I thought I'd even seen big hail in my life. What came down wasn't hail, it was a freaking meteor shower of ice. I can't even describe it, the sound it made drowned out absolutely every other noise and it went on and on and on. Imagine there's a huge dump truck just piling rocks on your roof from a great height, constantly. When the first shower was over we went out to see, there was so much that it looked like snow. What had been a hot night turned freezing with it. The smaller balls were about 2" wide, the large ones easily 3" wide. I wish I was exaggerating but the damage was horrendous, my car's wind shield was shattered, and dents is a light word for what the body looks like. The trees, which had been in full leaf, looked like it was early spring. The next day I filled 10 yard trash bags full of leaves from one tree alone. There is over $16,000 worth of damage to my new house (homeowner's insurance FTW!) it needs a complete new roof, all new siding (the sides of the house are full of holes) all new screens, new deck (the hail hit the deck so hard it made clean spots and smashed out enormous chunks of wood) new gutters, new everything. That garden I mentioned? my tomato plants were so decimated they were reduced to nothing, everything was.
After the initial hail, there was sideways rain, then snow, which was alarming, then another deluge of hail.
There was a supercell from the storm directly over our neighborhood, we got it worse here than anywhere else in town. (you can tell by the way all our trees are naked and most other trees around town have leaves)
It's been over a month now and a lot of stuff is growing back. Looks like these trees are gonna have a bad year though! Even my tomato plants that were reduced to pulpy twigs have grown back. I lost a lot of plants but the hot weather and my new sprinkler have made up for it! I already have a bunch of squash :)
Well that turned out to be a tangent, haha! I try not to talk about personal things here but all of that has really affected my work.

OK so given all that, I only got my studio set up at the start of last week. And given all the above I'm pretty eager to get to work (lord knows I need the money for various things that weren't covered by insurance.)
COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN, RESINS ARE FOR SALE Just note or email me if you're interested in anything at all! I'm going to make a post with commission information here soon.

Thanks for reading and love to you all

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Moving Update

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 23, 2011, 5:11 PM

It has been a really, really hectic month. I won't go into the details suffice to say moving TWO people's entire houses within a few weeks is not a good idea at all.
But anyway, it's done, the old place is gone! No more photos of unicorns in that nice mossy forest that was my back yard. The new house is fabulous *cough...* well, it will be, once I've finished doing it up. I have a home improvement list so long I am scared to write it all down. Sadly most of the time consuming things I have to do are things that REALLY need to be done ASAP in order for the place to be livable. Mainly these are the kitchen and flooring, I just had a contractor here for the last week and a half doing the remodeling to the kitchen I wanted, but I'm left with the tasks of reflooring, putting in cabinets, building soffits, putting in a new countertop and tiling the backsplash - with ceramic tiles I'm making myself (also repainting, getting a new sink in, etc etc) Also I'm laying hardwood flooring over the entire upstairs and that needs to be done soonish.

HOWEVER tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta for a figure sculpting workshop with Philippe Faraut ( and that'll last three days.
Long story short, there's not gonna be any new art for a long old time, but if you're my facebook friend then you are being treated to endless pictures of my DIY efforts :)

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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 6, 2011, 4:55 AM

I've been working non-stop for over a week plus solid weekends on moving. Through a series of unfortunate events I ended up doing most of the packing and moving for the previous occupant and haven't even started my own packing. The date of the move (for us) is now mid-march and we have a LOT to do at the new place first. yesterday, today and tomorrow we're laying hardwood flooring over the entire upstairs. I'm painting all the rooms, all the doors, mouldings, etc. I'm remodeling the kitchen (removing walls and extending it) and putting down black granite counters, also putting in a nice big veg garden, garden fence, converting the garage to an outdoor studio, redoing all the bathrooms etc etc.
Easy to say I won't be online much let lone have time to do any art (apart from the odd thing for eBay!)
But I still exist! Wish me luck!

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Moving Sale

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 7, 2011, 8:28 AM

Hey everyone!
Well, after almost nine years in the same rental, I am FINALLY moving to a real house. The move is happening April 1st. Soon I'm going to start packing, but I have a lot of art laying around and I really, really need to get rid of it all. I also want to clear out all my resin stock. SO, I am starting to fill up Etsy with the stuff I'm getting rid of. This is a slow process but I'm aiming to put on a few pieces a day- check out my page over the coming month! :)

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Unicorn Auction and Coming Soon!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 30, 2011, 6:17 AM

Noble Beast by SovaeArt

This guy is on eBay for the next week! Please check him out!…

Here is what I have coming to a dA near you soon:

• A new moldmaking tutorial
• An in-depth comparison of six polymer clay brand's translucent.
• Silver Jewellery
• Small sculptures... small!

Keep tuned and be sure to check out my Facebook Page:…

Oh and on a non-art-related side note, I am on my way out the door to go to Memphis to be officially sworn in as a US Citizen! It has been a long journey, glad it's finally almost done!

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 16, 2011, 5:09 AM

Hello everyone!

Can I just say I am so grateful to everyone who watches my gallery and posts comments. I reply to as many as I can but I can't catch them all, but I am grateful!
You may or may not have noticed my decreasing activity here. There are a few things I have going on but the main one is that I am writing.
What I'm writing is basically a massive saga that I've been working on for a few years in my head, but have been writing for a few months. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little obsessed with it. I'm not the sort to post tidbits or unfinished parts of my writing, but I may post a few pieces of concept art here and there as well as the odd sculpture (gotta pay the bills somehow!)
I just wanted to say that I haven't given up art or anything of the sort; I'm just working on different areas of it.

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New Tofu-The-Kirin Resin Kits Available!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 11, 2010, 7:39 AM

After a few weeks of work, I've finally completed a new platinum silicone mold set of my Tofu Kirin. The original tin cure silicone mold was one of the first I made, so I was inexperienced when I did so, as such the mold never really worked right, constantly producing casts that were missing vital bodyparts (like heads and legs.)
I took my absolute best tofu resin and refined it, redoing the hooves and hair around them, resculpting the neck and, most importantly, resculpting the left side of the face.
This completed modes was cut into three parts and each part was molded separately. The head and neck have their own two-part mold, the body has one enormous mold, and best of all he has a looooong (over 7") tail, which is also from a two-part mold.

The reason the original Tofu resins cost so much was because the mold very rarely produced a viable piece and even then they required a lot of extra sanding and work as the original model's surface was unrefined. The new tofu though was polished to a nice eggshell finish before casting. And the new molds seem to be producing viable pieces every go, so as such the new prices are as follows:

KIT- $50 USD (consisting of one head and neck, one body, and one tail which can be assembled with super or epoxy glue, and may require small amounts of epoxy putty or other self hardening material and sanding to make the seams seamless.
ASSEMBLED- $65 (Consisting of the model fully assembled using Smooth-On Super Instant Epoxy and all seams completed and sanded.)

A completed Tofu resin weighs 1lb and measures 11" long, so shipping prices will be based on your location.

They are being produced now, and are ready to go.
I will not be offering these models painted or customized for a set price at this time. However if you wish to commission a custom resin, please contact me :)

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UStreaming Now

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 12:15 PM

Sculpting a unicorn for the next while. You may or may not have noticed I evaporated from dA. I haven't abandoned it (and I will get to reading the 11 notes I've neglected!) and I have been working on several large projects which have all but consumed me. There is stuff coming, this unicorn is a break.

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Facebook Page!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 30, 2010, 9:54 AM

Hey y'all
Just a little update to let ya know I have a new facebook page! I've had a few people from dA follow my personal page but I never really do art updates on there so they basically just have to suffer my pointless bantering.
Here is the link:…

Please click Like if you have facebook and do, indeed, like :)

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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 19, 2010, 4:23 PM

Hey pears and peers
I have returned from the wondrous land of California. We had a good time which mainly involved eating at every vegan restaurant in San Francisco  and going to mold making supply stores. We voyaged into the mountains twice and into Nevada where I gambled on the roads and won myself a $200 speeding ticket.
Good times, but now I'm back in tennessee and back to work. I've been experimenting this week with things I got from the supply stores in frisco, various plasticines, waxes, and two new types of platinum silicone. I have some thermoplastics too with which I'm going to experiment with solid mask-making. I also have some special silicone-based paints on order for painting things cast in silicone. Where all of this is leading I have no idea, I only know that my interests are drifting towards the area of props and special effects, I've been reading a lot of stuff on those sorts of topics in any case. I enjoy my silicone/resin combo for little fantasy models but I'm starting to feel I've pushed that as far as I am willing to. Not saying I've mastered it by any stretch of the imagination but it's getting a little boring at this point and I want to work with more challenging materials. And casting silicone? that is freaking challenging!

So projects in the near future will be as follows:
Casting silicone in silicone
Casting silicone in gypsum
Maskmaking with thermoplastics
Molding with Fuzzform (thermoplastic fabric)
Maskmaking with silicone

And, of course, the contest winning sculpture, which is underway now using Fuse wax, and commissions.

Oh and on a side note, even though hard plastiline is SOLID AND NOT A LIQUID, GEL, OR PASTE the TSA will still bitch you out about it. Well maybe I could pack it in my checked luggage if the airlines weren't fascists charging $50 for a bag and another load if it's overweight.
IN short, eff you airlines and airports and TSA.
They were however very impressed by my jar of mica flakes.

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 2, 2010, 6:11 PM

I am off to San Francisco for 10 days, leaving tomorrow.

So obviously there will be no art/resin sales during this time, except one piece I have all photographed which I'll be uploading sometime over the next several days. It's a fun one!

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And The Winners Are......!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 14, 2010, 9:39 AM

First off I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the competition! y'all made our job of picking a winner really difficult! We really did need the whole week to decide- it was tough, and we considered absolutely every single design equally. Again, it was hard!

That being said there were several that really jumped out at all three of us, and so there is one winner, one runner-up, and *** honourable mentions. They are as follows~

The Winner

. Sculptur design contest II . by Maiwenn

Congratulations :iconmaiwenn: on this inspired design! It jumped out at once to all of us, I only hope I can do the design justice in the sculpture that will result. You will receive a resin cast of the model painted to your specification!
We'd also like to express our appreciation for your first entry, the Campie, that was a stunning design too!

2nd Place

Sculpture Contest Entry 2 by Kotorigaro

Congratulations to :iconkotorigaro: ! We all loved this piece, and it really made me want to have two winners! The exotic body, the mask and beautiful face, every detail down to the cloth around the waist and the rocky base contributes to giving this design strong world-building qualities. You can really imagine her wandering through scraggy desert, perhaps using her spear to test for water in the earth.
Your wonderful design wins you a three-month premium membership that has already been given, it should become active in 5-15 days!

Honourable Mentions

Forest Spirit by CraftyWingy   Sketch by CraftyWingy

We were really intrigued by these unique designs by :iconcraftywingy:. The first creature is a spectacular combination of equine and cervine, and I can truly see it as being a forest spirit. The second was a favorite too, such a cheeky looking face!

The Hunter's Friend by Animus-Panthera

This design by :iconanimus-panthera: was a long-term favorite from the very beginning. It has such a modest sincerity about it, making the overall design very refreshing. He's cute too!

Suea Peek sculpture by Kitsune-aka-Cettie

:iconkitsune-aka-cettie: created this fascinating design based on a mythical creature. We all enjoyed this reverse-gryphon-like animal, and imagining the combination of blazing tiger colours and shimmering peacock plumage, it is easy to envision this as being a spectacularly stunning creature.

I really loved :icontheroguez:'s hungry wolf design! This is such a wonderful image, like the sort of thing you'd find in a story. I can just imagine that he's about to fall into a trap set by some mutinous rabbits or something!

I'd like to thank everyone who entered once again:

:iconscenceable: :iconnakaseart: :iconmoongazer22: :iconkotorigaro: :iconlaumaxa: :iconmaiwenn: :iconanimus-panthera: :iconhekatelesedi: :iconcraftywingy: :iconskylocket: :iconshaliken: :icontheroguez: :iconkaxen6: :iconaravisriona: :iconcrimsoncavedragon: :iconpsycofox: :iconheatherhitchman: :iconcelestiania: :iconkichai: :iconrm-tryllel: :iconhevic: :iconkitsune-aka-cettie:
And :iconsiraphan:

Pay their galleries a visit :) !

I'd also like to take this opportunity to plug my shiny new club, :iconthekirinstitute:!
If you like Kirins, or have a kirin in your gallery who wants to get out, please join or watch the club!

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